I am Victoria Sergienko
My mission is to help every photographer make his life easier and earn more at the same time. I argue every day that delegation improves work and makes it much more productive.
I am proud to work with photographers around the world and I am glad that the geography of my services is constantly expanding.
In the past I was a photographer and I consider retouching not only my work, but my vocation. I am in love with the world of photography and color, I develop and admire it.
I act as a speaker at retouching master classes and conduct individual lessons in image processing.
I use my experience and constantly learn to implement all projects successfully and efficiently.
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Wedding photoshoots
Family photoshoots
Personal photoshoots
Color correction
Skin retouching
Packages processing (color correction + skin retouching)
• statement of Work (SOW) and the overall complexity of the work
• the number of people in the frame (the price increases if two or more people need a complex correction)
• leather texture (the price increases if the skin is problematic)
• deadline (if the deadline is today or tomorrow + 50-100%)
• quality of RAW
• Color correction - from $0,5 per photo and more
• Skin retouching - from $3 per photo and more
• Color correction: from 1 to 5 days*
• Retouching: from 1-3 days*

I understand how difficult it is to give your work to another person for processing. Therefore, I suggest taking some photos for free.
Wright me in direct to discuss the details
The minimum number of photos for processing is 10 pcs.
*I work on the booking system. Book in advance the dates you need to process the photos.
Terms are discussed for each order.
How to initiate cooperation with a retoucher. A step-by-step plan of action.
I'm a reasonable and polite person. I'm sure that I can bring a vast improvement to your professional life. So there are several steps for you to understand whether you want to work with me.

Step 1. Just text me. That's right because it's what our conversation starts with. Tell me your wishes concerning the retouch, number of pictures and a deadline. In my turn, I will hear you out, specify something if needed and then I'll send you the TOR.
Step 2. You'll fill in the TOR and we'll agree on the details.
Step 3. I will do the free test retouch for you to verify my competence and want me to process your photos.
Step 4. I send you the test photos. You'll be satisfied and we'll discuss our further cooperation.
Step 5. We cooperate fruitfully. You have more time and you raised the prices of your services because you now have a great retoucher and you enjoy your life. Everyone's happy!

These simple and quick steps will help us easily start working together. Just don't be afraid to text «Hello»

What software do I use?
I know many programs and I use them as required. I mostly work in Lightroom (color correction) and Photoshop (skin retouching).
What are the prices?
It all depends on the client's wishes and complexity of the work. To determine the price and terms in your case, send 5 original photos (RAW) in any way convenient for you. Then describe what exactly I need to do with the photos. For the sake of convenience, I'll send you the simple TOR. This doesn't bind you to anything, however, it can give me a clear understanding of your wishes concerning the processing of the photos.
How to pay for the work?
All types of online payment are available. More detailed information is discussed individually.
How to send and get the pictures?
You can send or receive photos using any convenient file sharing service. For example Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
What is TOR?
TOR is terms of reference for a retoucher. I.e. the most detailed description of tasks + reference (examples). You can describe in detail all your wishes concerning the processing and correction of each problem (in your opinion) area.

To avoid misunderstandings and further complaints, the TOR is developed in writing. Examples would be desirable. The TOR and your photos can be sent via personal messages on social media or as e-mail attachments. I will access the price, ask questions if necessary and tell you the price. Sometimes, if there's no clear TOR, my client and I can develop it together. We'll consult about what type of retouch or stylization would be suitable for one photo or the other.

Can I make corrections to the processed pictures?
If following the results of retouch, you found some minor faults, I'll fix it. It happens, different tastes and all. It's no problem. Nevertheless, if you constantly add something new to be corrected, picking on weird and insignificant things, then be ready to pay for these corrections. Especially if everything is done according to the TOR, but after the processing, you suddenly wished to fundamentally change something. As a result, I'll have to take half of the retouch to pieces with the change of makeup and hairstyle.

I might deny correction if the work is done, but you ask me to make changes, which will ruin your photo.
Leave your contact information and I’ll contact you and answer all your questions.
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